Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is done to improve the appearance of the rug and remove stains, dirt, and allergens through several methods. Clean carpets are visually more pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and healthier than poorly maintained carpets.


Carpet Restoration

Over time, the condition of your rug may deteriorate if not given the necessary care required. Carpet restoration is inevitable in cases of serious neglect, especially where a typical carpet cleaning will not do the job you require. Carpet restoration calls for a thorough examination of the carpet, including its construction and condition before treatment.


Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Get in touch with us if you are looking to carpet the flooring of your homes or any other kind of space you have in mind. We will handle the supply of the carpets, as well as the logistics involved in installing them and dismantling the existing ones (if any).


Carpet Customisation

We are able to customise carpet sizes according to the specifications given by our customer. However, do note that this service is applicable only to a selected range of machine-made carpets.